Aktifitas dan Photos Gallery 1997 - 2005

Galvanizing to Jakarta City Authority - Presentation

14 July 2004
Hotel Mulia Senayan - Jakarta
Seminar Nasional

Preserving for the future

7 Oktober 2003
APGGA Board Meeting

9 July 2003
Audience of 6th APGGC to Governor of Bali

11 September 2002
Gd. Deperindag Ruang Garuda - Jakarta
Seminar HDG

The Improvement of Efficiency on the Use of galvanizing on Steel Structures, Department of Trade and Industry

20 March 2002
Hotel Mandarin Oriental Majapahit - Surabaya
Seminar HDG

Hot Dip Galvanizing for Total Corrosion Control and Free Maintenance

18 October 2001
Golf Club Cengkareng
Friendly Golf Tournament AGI

17 October 2001
Sheraton Bandara Hotel
Seminar HDG

The Challenge of Globalization for the Indonesia General Galvanizing Industri Seminar

21-25 Oktober 2001
Pusan - Korea

Take over the commitees from Korean to Indonesian Assosiation of Galvanizers

Galvanizing to Jakarta City Authority - Presentation

17 October 2000
Hotel Kempinski - Jakarta
Galvanizing Seminar

AGI Committe with Director General of Public Works and Former State Minister

Asosiasi Galvanis Indonesia 2000 Fr left to right: Soetomo, Gandhi Harahap, Mike Ainsley, Harry Hanawi, Rozik B.Soetjipto

17 May 2000
Dinner Meeting

With Mike Ainsley from IZA on discussing for next Seminar in October 2001